Over my 17 year HR Technology career, beginning as an analyst during an Oracle conversion from 10 to 11i way back in 1999, I’ve been a part of many large initiatives, implementations, and major optimization efforts.  I’ve also touched a number of different ERP platforms with all of their constituent modules, bolt-ons, and integrated pieces that make the modern HR department work.  I’ve managed HRIS departments, and I’ve also used my experience to consult.  I’ve learned a great deal about what organizations need, and what works.

March 30, 2019

I have been working with Workday® since May of 2012 and it has been the most gratifying and rewarding experience of my career.  I started in the ecosystem building integrations on HCM projects and after 1 year made the switch to start implementing Workday Financials.  With my educational background and prior work experience more aligned with ERP and accounting & finance, this was a perfect fit.

When I first joined the Workday® ecosystem in December of 2007, releases were still named after European capitals. In fact, my first Workday release was called the “Rome” release. At the time, this struck me as a remarkable display of global ambition for a company that only had 181 employees!  As a Workday employee, I wrote several of the Workday training courses such as Time Tracking, Absence, Payroll and Big Data.

What got me into the Workday world? I had been a Technical – mostly Software – Project/Program Manager for 17 years when I first encountered a Workday project in 2012. Expected to go in as PM only. It was a complex project, with a small project team; as an experienced PM, it was obvious to me there were not enough people who knew Workday and could configure the system, to complete everything by the deadline. The customer had pre-purchased too many Workday Training hours for their small staff, all of whom had already been to all the training they needed/wanted. And, the backlog of leftover Training was set to expire almost immediately. I made the case for the customer to allow two of us to take some Training that woul...

On my last business trip, it was fun to drive a brand-new rental car.  There were multiple dashboard views that contained more information than I could have imagined.  Navigating two unfamiliar cities was a breeze with built-in tools that included directions, local restaurants, gas stations and parking garages.  The music had well-tuned playlists that rivaled my own. I was also a menace on wheels. There was so much information and options, I had to stop, park the car and focus on finding and programming the information I needed to get to my destination.

Dashboard functionality in Workday® is a critical task that new clients are anxious to learn.  Sales presentations include multiple examples of dashboards an...