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Abandon The Intranet for HR Content

I believe in the principle of delivering the right information, at the right time, and in the most efficient way. We all strive to deliver relevant content within Workday processes (e.g. Benefits Enrollment and Onboarding) to help employees stay informed and support decision-making. Historically, we created related links to content wherever it was hosted - on the corporate intranet, on a vendor site or in the cloud. This was always a bit annoying to me because it made for a disjointed experience. The user would ping-pong between Workday and other sites, having to go to two places to get one task done. Recently, I implemented a solution to address this, empowering HR to provide a holistic and consistent user experience. While the solution employs basic Workday functionality, the philosophy was profound… Abandon the traditional intranet and provide all HR content through Workday!!!

The Background:

Our HR Organization was having difficulty managing their HR content on the intranet. There were several challenges they faced:

  • It was taking too long to update the intranet content. Not only was there the traditional request/wait of service requests, there was also a lot of iteration to finalize the pages.

  • This created instances where the content was out of date.

Additionally, there were issues in providing a nice, consistent user experience.

  • HR could not always deliver content when it was needed. Pre-hires could not access content until their start date, when they would receive their network credentials and ability to sign on to the intranet. This delayed consumption of information related to onboarding/orientation, and initial benefits enrollment.

  • Some of the workforce worked at remote locations that had separate IT infrastructures, so they had to re-authenticate to the main network to consume content.

  • The intranet was not designed for mobile devices.

  • Any videos that they wanted to deliver were stored on Vimeo, creating yet another destination the user had to visit.

The Vision:

HR wanted to create a one-stop shop for everything HR. We started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could deliver everything through Workday.

The Solution:

We employed and configured the following Workday functionality to create our HR intranet in Workday.

  • A Custom Dashboard secured to all employees.

  • Workday Drive to store HR documents and benefit plan collateral.

  • Media Cloud to store & deliver videos.

  • Bulletin Worklets are used as container for topic areas (Benefits, HR Policies, Employee Discounts, etc.)

  • We used design guidelines and icons. This allowed us to create a visually consistent look to the Workday system in which we were delivering content through.

  • Security to allow for distributed authors. This allows various teams in HR to own and manage their own content in Drive and Bulletin/topic-areas on the dashboard without having to have HRIS do it for them.

We established process and procedures for users:

  • How to store and share files in Workday Drive.

  • How to maintain Bulletin Worklets.

  • Developed guidelines for formatting styles within Bulletins to support a consistent look across Bulletins.

  • To maintain accurate inventory documentation of Drive files and where they are used throughout Workday (i.e. Bulletins, Documents, BP Review Documents, Announcements). Therefore, if content was updated in Drive, then we would know to update component configurations as needed (i.e. when a new link sharing URL needed to updated).

Here is how it turned out:

The Results:

  • We got abundant feedback from users that it was convenient and looked fantastic. Our CEO even mentioned that she was showing it off on her mobile phone!

  • HR is able to deliver content faster than they could in the past, and are more self-sufficient.

  • We can share content and bulletins from the Workday HR intranet page to our Onboarding Dashboard, allowing pre-hires to consume content that they could not in the past.

  • We are looking forward to growing the site, and considering expanding to use multiple dashboard tabs to represent different HR functions.

  • Our CHRO is very happy!

For More Information:

If you think this would be valuable to your organization and would like some assistance in bringing it to life, please reach out to


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