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Workday® Boomerangs, a Holiday Gift with Great Returns

During this Holiday time, I think back to me as a young boy and the anticipation of gifts on Christmas morning. Some of my favorite gifts were things such as Legos, Erector sets, and Tinker Toys. With those toys, you would assemble various parts into something that performed a greater overall function. I liked to build things, and I still do as an adult. I sometimes make the analogy that Workday is like my favorite toy, as I creatively configure complementary parts into a working model that solves a business need. I would like to share a recent example of this, using Workday Boomerang integrations, which was recently featured The Sharing Show.

Enjoy this example of one of my favorite toys, Boomerang Integrations and have a joyful Holiday Season!!!

The Background

In the Termination Business Process, we had a To-Do step to edit the Workday Account and extend the Account Expiration Date two years, allowing the terminated employee to access payslips and tax documents. We found there were a number of accounts not updated for various reasons.

The Solution

We configured two Boomerang Integrations:

  • The first was a Boomerang Integration to Audit & update Workday Accounts.

  • A second Boomerang was setup in Termination BP to automate the Workday account update.

Boomerang #1: Audit & Update Workday Accounts

The Boomerang to audit and update the Workday account consisted of the followed components:

  • Outbound EIB that contains

    • A Custom Report to identify issues - Terminated employee accounts without an expiration date.

  • XSLT Attachment Transformation to format the report output as a web service request for the Edit Workday Account task.

  • Outbound EIB Business Process to take the EIB’s Deliverable Document and submit it back into Workday using a handy utility called Wed Service Requester, which is available through Workday Community.

  • Workday Studio: Web Service Requester takes the EIB’s Deliverable Document and submits it to Human Resources API, Edit Workday Account task.

  • Scheduled Future Process. We schedule this Audit & Update Boomerang to run periodically.

Boomerang to automate the Workday Account update from the Termination Business Process

We configured a second EIB that worked the same as the Audit and Update Boomerang, only it used a different custom report that accepts prompts from the Staffing Event data from the BP (Worker and the Term Effective Date).

The Best Part: You do not need to know Workday Studio

Although these Boomerangs utilize a Workday Studio Integration, Web Service Requester, you do not need to know Studio! You only need to have the Web Service Requester deployed in your tenant. Everything else except the XSLT Attachment is done through configuration.

The Outcome

  • We resolved data issues, and created an automated audit/fix routine that will ensure quality data.

  • We eliminated manual work by automated steps in the Business Process,

  • We realized just how easy it is to create Boomerangs!

For More Information

To learn more about Workday Boomerang Integrations or separately about XSLT Transformations, or you would like some assistance building, contact us by emailing


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