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"We had a mobile app use-case that Workday and our Partner said couldn't be done.  I reached out to the ecosystem and within the week we were brainstorming solutions with teamUpHR."

-Ben Dunford

Today - More customers are choosing Workday's® recipe-driven (enterprise/launch) implementation option. This is a way to reduce the up-front cost of getting their Workday solution up and running quickly.  These customers in addition to enterprise implementation customers often find themselves restricted by their initial implementation scope.  Many customers discover an abundance of features not scoped in their initial implementation project that they want to leverage - having a mix of features and requirements pushed out to a Phase II project and feeling that they went live with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream instead of the Sundae they envisioned.  We at teamUpHR invest in understanding our client's current state and helping you achieve your short and long term vision and goals for your Workday® solution.  How can we help you with your  Workday®?

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