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Workday® Financials Knowledge That Sticks Around

I have been working with Workday® since May of 2012 and it has been the most gratifying and rewarding experience of my career. I started in the ecosystem building integrations on HCM projects and after 1 year made the switch to start implementing Workday Financials. With my educational background and prior work experience more aligned with ERP and accounting & finance, this was a perfect fit. I was able to work across several different industries and establish working relationships with all my customers, from their leadership teams to the staff. There was always a bittersweet outcome to each project we finished. Go Live! We may have made it to that initial finish line, but that is just the beginning. Unfortunately, the project consultants always have an end date on the timeline and it is time for the next project.

It takes time to determine what processes are working well, what additional controls are needed, and how the user experience can be improved. In some cases, these items may not surface until you have made it through your first annual audit on Workday. It is not uncommon to come to the realization that your FDM structure needs some rework. Perhaps an additional cost center hierarchy structure will serve the need of some new reporting requirements. Or the combination of an allocation and a new book code may do the trick, but does anybody on the team have the knowledge and bandwidth to build that out? Maybe the P&L was collapsed too much and users are still logging into external systems to pull additional detail. Unfortunately, when you come to these realizations, your project consultants are likely long gone and your Workday solution may be operating under its full potential. Working with the product and watching it evolve each release yields continuous learning and growth. This keeps me motivated and eager to grow with the ecosystem, and ensures my customers are taking full advantage of the product offering. I look forward to the continued success of my customers. These first 5 years are just the start of this challenging and rewarding journey.

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