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Understanding Workday® from the 1st day.

Over my 17 year HR Technology career, beginning as an analyst during an Oracle® conversion from 10 to 11i way back in 1999, I’ve been a part of many large initiatives, implementations, and major optimization efforts. I’ve also touched a number of different ERP platforms with all of their constituent modules, bolt-ons, and integrated pieces that make the modern HR department work. I’ve managed HRIS departments, and I’ve also used my experience to consult. I’ve learned a great deal about what organizations need, and what works. After 10 years working with Oracle, in high touch, highly customized environments, I started to look into Workday® in 2009. The concept of a single code line was huge for reducing the many complications that companies faced with traditional ERP. Additionally, for the first time, there was a product that was sold directly to the head of HR, Benefits, Payroll, and other corporate services leaders. They were the focus, not the afterthought of a larger implementation. The technology was built for them and geared to the way they worked without having to consistently call IT for help configuring reports or fields or workflows. This altered the course of my career away from traditional ERP models. I became a Workday implementer and have spent 6 years helping customers find their best version of Workday. Progressively moving into a role where I can help customers well beyond implementation to get the most out of their evolving, and maturing system. Along the way, I was honored to train other consultants to do the same as a Product Lead Manager and a frequent strategic member of professional services departments. I’ve worked with many, but I believe Workday will be the last system I work with due to its special attributes and continuing commitment to innovation. It is important that customers understand what they are buying, what to expect during the implementation or optimization effort, and how they should prepare for the coming projects. This is what I enjoy doing, and I'm happy to be in the position to be doing this for a long time to come

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