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We're different...

and in a good way

“For a complex Workday payroll integration, we partnered with the best in teamUpHR.  They helped make sense of the requirements, identified different approaches, and developed an optimal solution.  teamUpHR continues to provide us the highest quality support on our post go-live questions and requests.  We could not be happier with such a great partner!”

- Hitesh Patel, Guidewire Software

The New Era of Business

Workday® has enabled a totally new era for ERP and Financial applications. They’ve created deployment methodologies that get customers up and running quickly on initial implementations.  But many companies struggle to get even basic functionality running smoothly—and the more complex an organization, the harder it is. We have found that sometimes different is better.  

We Have Built a Company that Shifts Decision Making Downstream

The result is a totally new approach to Workday® consulting. We invest deeply in the experience of our teams. We look at the problems that our clients bring us as opportunities to help propel their organizations forward. We are obsessed with quality, and we grow our organization carefully to ensure this is never compromised.

We invest in long term relationships… it isn’t cliché if you actually do it

Everybody says it, but few actually conduct business this way in practice. We see our work as building relationships, not just completing projects. This means that we invest in knowledge of our client's business, teams and Workday® tenant. We extend this same value to our own people. We hire for experience, and then we invest heavily in creating a work environment that supports our people in delivering the highest quality service.  

Model for Success

With teamUpHR, you work directly with experienced team members who develop an intimate understanding of your business. We help those clients who want to get a deeper understanding of Workday® to learn the ins and outs of the solution so they can do more and more on their own. And for those who want to continue to outsource, everything we do is focused on finding the most efficient—and effective—way to make Workday work for your business.

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