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zCF for Workday® Calculated Fields: Send Them to the Bottom

If you write reports or create condition rules then you are familiar with the daily struggle of trying to find the right field. Unless, of course, you are among the lucky few who implemented the zCF naming convention. I originally heard about the zCF naming convention on the Sharing Show and immediately realized the problems it could solve:

  • Workday® delivered fields rise to the top and aren’t lost among calculated fields

  • You can easily jump to the bottom of the list if you know you’re looking for a calculated field

  • Consistent function abbreviations allow you to quickly determine where fields you’ve created can be found

  • You can see, at a glance, the type of data to expect from a calculated field based on the function type

However, we had been live with Workday® for five years and already had nearly 4,000 calculated fields. It wasn’t easy to make the change, but it was worth it! The time and frustration it saves us every day is priceless.

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