The next part of my series on Inbound EIB Integrations will focus on creation, security, and templates. Building an EIB is started with the Create EIB task. This task displays an initial dialogue page for naming the EIB and selecting an option of Inbound or Outbound. Developing a naming convention is a good idea, especially if many EIBs will be used in the system. Some clients simply use the Web Service label, such as Put Supervisory Organization, while others create more descriptive names, e.g. Inbound Sup Orgs EIB. 

After this first step, the functional details of the Inbound EIB are input in four (4) steps and a final Summary page. I will focus on a commonly used EIB with available Web Service using a Template. Inp...

An interesting presentation I saw on the most recent airing of "The Sharing Show" was on the topic of loading Budget Pools. This is accomplished with a custom report and an EIB Integration.

The Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) integration is one way of importing or loading data into Workday®, without the need of extensive programming expertise. Other tools are also used to import data, including iLoad® (for Implementers) and other forms of inbound integrations. EIBs can also be purposed for export/outbound data.

A basic EIB overview is here

While Budget Pool imports are a bit unique, many other EIB templates (examples) are available to load various data such as New Hires, Supervisory Organizations, Job Profiles, Cos...

September 9, 2020

teamUpHR -

I'd like to introduce you to Workday® Journeys, which is part of the Workday People Experience (PEX.)  Before jumping into Workday Journeys, a high level breakdown of the Workday People Experience (PEX.)  There are 3 parts to PEX:

  • Workday Today: This is the new homepage.  For now it is optional, and could be turned on based on security groups if you would like to test it out first. This is currently in limited general availability, but will be released to more customers soon.

  • Workday Help: Knowledge and Case Management. We have not had the opportunity to use this set of features yet.

  • Workday Journeys: This includes Personalized Journeys, Custom Cards, and External Data Connections.  Of these, most o...

September 9, 2020

Every Workday release comes with dozens of updated features. But, finding the enhancements that will yield the highest payoff for your effort can be difficult and time consuming. So, we’ve dug through all of the release notes for you and created Feature & Adoption Resource Cards to highlight the most exciting and impactful changes coming in 2020R2 and what those changes mean for you.

Our team has decades of experience, going back to Workday-3 in 2007.  We know that the release notes are frequently hard to decipher and do not tell the full story. To save you some time and frustration, we’ve gathered, organized, and analyzed all of the need-to-know information in any easy to digest format in our Workday® 2020R2 Feature...

September 9, 2020

Summer is winding down, and now it must season? Well, unless you count the kitchen table, not where I live. Hopefully for some of you though. But it is 2020R2 season, and however you pronounce it, it's here.

Despite hitting the pause button on office work and in-person events (crying emoji for Rising 2020, but looking forward to the end of Sept Share-a-thon and Workday Olympics), Workday has brought us a bounty of new features to be excited about as recruiting professionals.  Instead of my normal top 3-5 list, I've decided to talk themes that I'm seeing in the space and how Workday has decided to approach them with 2020R2.

First off, let's talk Ease of Use. Workday has made this a key focus for a while,...

September 8, 2020

Let’s talk about dashboards, decision makers love them. They show data in a way that’s easy to understand, they’re visually appealing, and they reduce the time it takes to analyze a topic.

However, for analysts they can be a headache:

  • Creating multiple matrix reports

  • Trying to find the right fields and data sources to ensure the dashboard is performant

  • Finding a domain that supports all your reports

  • Running the reports over and over to find the best graphical representation of data and the proper fields

  • Organizing the graphs and charts to display in the proper order with only two sizing options

It makes for a time consuming and often tedious process.

Workday®  has solved all these issues with D...

August 8, 2020

If you write reports or create condition rules then you are familiar with the daily struggle of trying to find the right field. Unless, of course, you are among the lucky few who implemented the zCF naming convention. I originally heard about the zCF naming convention on the Sharing Show and immediately realized the problems it could solve:

  • Workday® delivered fields rise to the top and aren’t lost among calculated fields

  • You can easily jump to the bottom of the list if you know you’re looking for a calculated field

  • Consistent function abbreviations allow you to quickly determine where fields you’ve created can be found

  • You can see, at a glance, the type of data to expect from a calculated field base...

A Works Council by any other name (aka Betriebsrat/ Comitato Aziendale/ Comité de Empresa) would smell as sweet .

Wait a minute.  That is not exactly right, but you get the picture.

As a current or potential Workday® client with multinational companies, subsidiaries, or workers in the European Union (EU), you should become familiar with the basics about configuring WD for Works Councils.

What is a Works Council?

If your firm is solely based in the United States, an apt analogy for a Works Council (WC) is a Labor Union. EU legal requirements say that organizations, with as little as 5 EU workers, must have a WC. This is the law but may be a rarity. Usually organizations with ~1000 EU workers will have a WC. The WC members...

Chatbots are all the rage, and Workday® Assistant is no exception, blending ease-of use with killer functionality. Most companies will find use cases that make this tool a “must-have”.  

Workday® Assistant is a digital assistant chatbot designed to help you and your team conversationally complete tasks and retrieve information within Workday.

Some background:  Jagan Jami reports in a recent post that a Chatbot is “essentially a software that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence and can carry human-like conversations.” He makes a compelling argument of integrating chatbots with ERP systems like Workday®. Advantages include better user experience, enhanced speed, messaging personalization, and task...

We are in a state of unknown; What does this mean when the world goes back to normal?

How do I manage if my project’s go live date was missed or pushed? 

With everyone scattered, how do I keep the momentum moving and my team informed?

What happens if resource priorities are shifted once this is all over?

Here are a few tips to keep moving forward and how to manage.   

Engage the Team:

  • Set up a daily team call(s). There may not be any new information but having a standing meeting will grant some normalcy.

    • Engage the project team and bounce around ideas on how to keep the task list moving

    • Review open tasks, who is assigned and how they should proceed.

    • Think about the sequence of work and...

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