A Works Council by any other name (aka Betriebsrat/ Comitato Aziendale/ Comité de Empresa) would smell as sweet .

Wait a minute.  That is not exactly right, but you get the picture.

As a current or potential Workday® client with multinational companies, subsidiaries, or workers in the European Union (EU), you should become familiar with the basics about configuring WD for Works Councils.

What is a Works Council?

If your firm is solely based in the United States, an apt analogy for a Works Council (WC) is a Labor Union. EU legal requirements say that organizations, with as little as 5 EU workers, must have a WC. This is the law but may be a rarity. Usually organizations with ~1000 EU workers will have a WC. The WC members...

Chatbots are all the rage, and Workday® Assistant is no exception, blending ease-of use with killer functionality. Most companies will find use cases that make this tool a “must-have”.  

Workday® Assistant is a digital assistant chatbot designed to help you and your team conversationally complete tasks and retrieve information within Workday.

Some background:  Jagan Jami reports in a recent post that a Chatbot is “essentially a software that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence and can carry human-like conversations.” He makes a compelling argument of integrating chatbots with ERP systems like Workday®. Advantages include better user experience, enhanced speed, messaging personalization, and task...

We are in a state of unknown; What does this mean when the world goes back to normal?

How do I manage if my project’s go live date was missed or pushed? 

With everyone scattered, how do I keep the momentum moving and my team informed?

What happens if resource priorities are shifted once this is all over?

Here are a few tips to keep moving forward and how to manage.   

Engage the Team:

  • Set up a daily team call(s). There may not be any new information but having a standing meeting will grant some normalcy.

    • Engage the project team and bounce around ideas on how to keep the task list moving

    • Review open tasks, who is assigned and how they should proceed.

    • Think about the sequence of work and...

As a SaaS system with bi-annual releases, Workday® deserves careful attention to testing releases. Each release is awaited with bated breath - but often this enthusiasm is isolated to the latest and greatest features. Some release features are automatic, others require configuration. And some features are functionally inconsequential (Button Colors) while others have a “WOW” factor (Autocomplete Staffing Processes).

And the release features may have a big impact - even if the new optional bells and whistles are not adopted. Clients employ various testing methodology to accommodate releases. Methods vary from simple to complex, and some are specifically designed and integrated for Workday®. A How to Use What's New Reso...

February 8, 2020

Preparing for 2019 ACA reporting?

We’ve compiled a list of links with important information regarding Workday® reporting updates, filing deadlines and other helpful resources.

Looking for the latest updates on the Workday® ACA 2019 Tax Year deployment?

Stay tuned to this page for important updates regarding IRS integration status, known issues, functional enhancements and fixes.  Along with the latest and greatest Workday® ACA news, follow the comments section for questions and answers from other Workday® customers.  https://community.workday.com/articles/575390

Need help setting up the ACA Connector? Be sure to bookmark Workday’s® ACA Reporting Connector Readiness Guide. It contains everything you need to know to setup,...

February 7, 2020

Operational Excellence - two words that summarize Workday's® focus in 2020R1 for Workday® Financial Enhancements. Workday® has automated a lot of manual work as well as delivered a more efficient way to do certain tasks. We chose to highlight a few of them here, and go into detail on this first one:

1) Title – Credit Card Payments in Customer Portal

Short Description – This update provides enhancements to customer portal by enabling your customers to pay their invoices directly using credit card, providing convenience and saving time

Long Description – In 2020R1 Workday® customers will be able make customer invoice payments with credit cards through customer portal.  This enhancement will automate the payment process fo...