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September 7, 2019

Are You Ready for Open Enrollment?

It’s that time again – Open Enrollment Season!  Whether you’re just beginning to plan or you’re ready to go, check out our top tips and tricks for a successful open enrollment in Workday.

  • Check the list! The Workday Community is your friend. Click here <Community.workday.com/oeyechecklist> for the latest open enrollment checklist published by Workday.

  • Workday 33 will arrive just in time for most open enrollments.  Workday will introduce a new user experience for OE, as well as changes to how dependent and tobacco usage data is collected. Are you up to date on these key features? <link to What’s New WD 33 Benefits blog post>

  • ICYMI: Open enrollment is mobile! Workday intro...

September 3, 2019

The Workday® 33 release is upon us and with it some exciting changes in the world of Benefits. This release brings some big changes for

  • The open enrollment user experience

  • un-linking related person data

  • enhanced tobacco usage tracking

Open Enrollment Re-Design

Continuing with Workday’s commitment to a more user-friendly benefits user experience that is consistent across mobile and browser, WD33 introduces a completely re-designed open enrollment event. Instead of a linear workflow where users must click through each coverage type whether they are enrolling or not, users will now be presented with “tiles” for each coverage type.  They can skip around in the order that makes the most sense to them based o...

August 25, 2019

The What’s New in Workday® report is a valuable tool in helping you prepare for upcoming Workday Updates.  It’s often the first place customers look when determining release schedules and impact of new Workday features. Recently a couple of interesting questions come up: Why does the report show me What’s New items for functional areas we have disabled?  This adds a lot of noise to the report.  Is there an easy way to only show relevant items? Sometimes items are updated and we don’t notice.  Is there a way to only see items that have been added or updated since the last time I ran it?

As a member of teamUpHR, I’ve spent much of the last year augmenting the “permanent” HR tech personnel at a mid-sized company in an area of the USA with high turnover in the ranks of the Workday® HRIT staff. At the start of this assignment, I assumed that I’d provide support for a few months until a permanent employee was hired to pick up the work I was doing, and that I’d move on to my next assignment.

Things didn’t work out quite as I expected.  Due to the shifting and sometimes unstable nature of work in the technology industry, the demand for IT skills generally, as well the shortage of people with Workday® skills in particular, I am now the person with the greatest knowledge of my client’s Workday® configuration,...

July 2, 2019

teamUpHR -

In a highly competitive job market, keeping employees happy and engaged is crucial to retention.  A simple and effective way to do that is by celebrating your employees’ birthdays and anniversaries in a consistent manner.  The keyword here is “consistent”. Very few people are good at celebrating such events naturally. When times are busy, it’s really easy to forget these important celebrations or to update your calendar when new team members join the team or others leave.  A slightly different, but equally troublesome problem is keeping track of team member PTO...but more on that in a moment.

I have personally worked on this very common “reminder” problem on and off for the past eight years at various fast-m...

June 11, 2019

teamUpHR is pleased to announce a set of brand-new Excel for Workday® tools, collectively known as teamUpHR Data Merge(TM). 

In my first blog post, I laid out the business case for using Excel to manipulate Workday® data.  In this blog post, I’m pleased to demonstrate the culmination of several months’ worth of work, which has brought forth this new set of tools.

Anyone who has used Workday® reporting is aware that it’s possible to pull in multiple related Business Objects to match up related data.  But what if you have two data sets that can be matched up based on a common ID, but isn’t available to join in Workday®?  What do you do?  Well, historically, this would require hours of manual data manipulation in Excel....

Over my 17 year HR Technology career, beginning as an analyst during an Oracle conversion from 10 to 11i way back in 1999, I’ve been a part of many large initiatives, implementations, and major optimization efforts.  I’ve also touched a number of different ERP platforms with all of their constituent modules, bolt-ons, and integrated pieces that make the modern HR department work.  I’ve managed HRIS departments, and I’ve also used my experience to consult.  I’ve learned a great deal about what organizations need, and what works.