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The holiday season is a busy time for Workday® professionals who are preparing for a new year. Adjustments to many Workday® functional areas are necessary and must be planned for. One such adjustment that many companies address at this time of year is updating grade and grade profile ranges and making tweaks to their compensation structure. For many companies, this could be a simple EIB updating all existing grade profile ranges. However, a good percentage of companies will have significant changes to make driven by new compensation survey data that can cause changes to the job profile catalog and the corresponding compensation ranges.

For these companies that proactively manage their compensation practices strategica...

December 3, 2019

2019 is quickly coming to a close. By now, you have survived Open Enrollment and you’re breathing a sigh of relief.  But not so fast!  While most end-of-year activities for benefits are typically addressed during preparations for Open Enrollment there are a few items to check/double-check.


  • Send final elections for the current plan year.  Work with your provider to send a final file as of the last day of the current plan year. This is typically an ad hoc launch rather than a scheduled event.  The final file notifies the provider of any changes to employee coverage due to change in provider, as well as life events, terminations and other changes for the current plan year only.

  • Integrations...

December 3, 2019

Hi payroll team members.  It is December.  I know, it seems like it cannot possibly be, but it is.

Given that it is December, you should have already:

  • Coordinate with third party provider, to identify when fourth quarter and/or annual integration must be processed.

  • Run the at Scheduled Future Processes report to see all of the payroll integrations that need to be extended into 2020.

  • Update period schedule(s) (EIB).

  • Look ahead to 2020. Will you have 27/53 payments?

  • ‘Build FLSA Work Period Calendar Events’

  • ‘Create Next Fiscal Year’

  • ‘Create Ledger Year & Ledger Periods’

  • ‘Mass Update Ledger Period Status’

  • Confirm that ‘W-2 Box Configuration’ is accurate.

If you are ahead o...

December 3, 2019

It’s December.  A good time to double check your plans before next year.  Here are some Workday® Financials Year End Close Process tasks and items to take into account as you are wrapping up 2019.

Roll Forward Year-End Balances

  • Roll forward balances from previous year to beginning balances of new year for balance sheet. For Income statement, roll forward process will move current year retained earnings to next year in appropriate ledger account.

To Do Items prior to roll forward year end balances task

  • Security group Process: Close Year End

  • Ledger year needs to exist

  • Close the periods prior to running final roll forward

  • Retained earnings account posting rule

  • Define Worktags to be includ...

November 19, 2019

Yes.  You read that right.  Year end planning for recruiting.  You might not think about it that way, because for many of us, the weather is getting a bit colder and Holiday season is nearing its full swing. In HR, this means the trials and tribulations of Year End processing. Our benefits partners are working though Open Enrollment issues, our Payroll team preparing for W2 season and all the new benefit deduction codes in the new year, and Recruiting is…Well, we’re still trying to find talent! But, is there something we should be doing to help ourselves in 2020 and beyond? 

Personally, I believe there’s a few things as a group we can look at to help leverage ourselves for a successful Year End and New Year....

October 26, 2019

Running a Successful Workday® Project- Part 1: Pre -Planning, Project Team & Client

Our company name is teamUpHR, but when I first started consulting at a different firm the environment was the opposite of a team mindset – it was a “dog eats dog world” so to speak.  There seemed to be no loyalty, people were fighting over which projects they were assigned to; bottom line for me, it certainly was not a positive work environment. I strived to change that.

In the past 4 years I’ve managed over 40 Workday® projects, working with more than 30 customers, and in this time I have been able to apply a new model to projects that has made them successful and fun.

I’ve been asked what makes a successful project? At first I had to r...

September 7, 2019

Are You Ready for Open Enrollment?

It’s that time again – Open Enrollment Season!  Whether you’re just beginning to plan or you’re ready to go, check out our top tips and tricks for a successful open enrollment in Workday.

  • Check the list! The Workday Community is your friend. Click here <Community.workday.com/oeyechecklist> for the latest open enrollment checklist published by Workday.

  • Workday 33 will arrive just in time for most open enrollments.  Workday will introduce a new user experience for OE, as well as changes to how dependent and tobacco usage data is collected. Are you up to date on these key features? <link to What’s New WD 33 Benefits blog post>

  • ICYMI: Open enrollment is mobile! Workday intro...