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HCM Consultant

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Advising key stakeholders through selection, transformation, implementation, and configuration of Workday. Our consultants are hands-on involved in full-scale implementation, project management, change management, requirements and design, process improvement, testing, integration enablement support, overseeing supplier enablement, and best practices  
Contributing beyond client delivery, including, but not limited to recruiting, coaching, marketing, business development, practice development, operational improvement, and beyond
Implementing performance improvement and cost-reduction initiatives

teamUpHR is seeking upcoming college graduates who are motivated self-starters, ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of consulting! Here at teamUpHR, we proudly collaborate with Workday, where we are at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge cloud technology solutions for HR, finance, and payroll management. It's your chance to kickstart your career with us and be a part of something truly innovative!

What’s in it for you? 
At teamUpHR, we believe in kickstarting your post-graduate journey with a career that offers much more than just a paycheck. As a trailblazing Workday advisory, deployment, and post-production services partner, we're committed to enriching the lives of our recent graduates in the following ways:

Official Workday certification to boost your credentials: We don't just hire you; we invest in your future! Join us, and you'll have the opportunity to earn an official Workday certification, a valuable credential that will open doors in your career.

Hands-on training that empowers you with practical skills: Step into the world of Workday with confidence. Our comprehensive hands-on training programs ensure you're well-equipped to excel in your role from day one. Gain real-world experience through immersive, hands-on training, equipping you with practical skills from day one.

Engaging in meaningful projects that make a real impact: Be ready to dive into challenging, meaningful projects that will not only grow your skills but also make a real impact on businesses and organizations. Work on impactful projects that matter, contributing to innovative solutions that make a difference.

A robust investment in your professional growth and development: We're dedicated to your growth. Expect continuous learning, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement to help you reach your professional goals. teamUpHR is committed to your growth. We invest in your ongoing development, ensuring you're always at the forefront of your field.

A Genuine Work/Life Balance: Yes, we say it, and we mean it. Discover the "What You'll Get" section below to see how we how we truly support your well-being.

As an Associate Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

Collaborate with a group of recent graduates while participating in teamUpHR's “Consulting Bootcamp” where you will build your consulting toolkit and earn your Workday certification. Upon completion of this program, you will join a “coaching family” for on-going support and professional development

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