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Workday® 2020R2: Discovery Boards

Let’s talk about dashboards, decision makers love them. They show data in a way that’s easy to understand, they’re visually appealing, and they reduce the time it takes to analyze a topic.

However, for analysts they can be a headache:

  • Creating multiple matrix reports

  • Trying to find the right fields and data sources to ensure the dashboard is performant

  • Finding a domain that supports all your reports

  • Running the reports over and over to find the best graphical representation of data and the proper fields

  • Organizing the graphs and charts to display in the proper order with only two sizing options

It makes for a time consuming and often tedious process.

Workday® has solved all these issues with Discovery Boards.

First, all charts and graphs are created within the Discovery Boards interface, you don’t have to create any permanent reports. Each graph or chart on a Discovery Board is called a “Visualization” or “Viz” and they are created through a drag and drop interface where you can see the effect of the field you chose or any changes you make, in the same screen, in real time. If you find that the data source you chose isn’t working as expected, you can easily go back and try a new one. Not only that, but Visualizations from multiple data sources can be shown on the same screen.

Want to show HCM and Financials data in the same place? With Discovery Boards it’s fast and it’s simple.

Contact Us to learn more, or for assistance with Workday®.

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