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Workday® Immeasurable Satisfaction Post Go-Live and “Two Tickets”

I started Workday® back in 2010 when Studio was not yet available to partners and customers. After my first year doing Workday integrations, I became a Product Lead for EIB and Document Transformation and presented several times at the Workday Altitude partner conference. I was well known in Community because I was always answering Community questions and helping others, whether Workday Partners or Workday Customers. My background includes many implementation cycles for big and small customers, from law firms to auto companies to oil companies to roofing companies. I've enjoyed this final chapter of my career focused on Workday.

Before sharing why I joined teamUpHR, a little more background might help ... For over 37 years, I have been working in design, implementation and support of information systems with a concentration on HCM systems and Financial integrations & reporting. I started writing and supporting in-house systems and moved to help support PeopleSoft before finally arriving at the Workday cloud where the focus was on ‘figuring out’ how to make the system work so that it would meet the customer needs without true customizations.

What I enjoyed the most of my initial 7 years of Workday experience was being instrumental in building the Adoption Services Practice as the Integration Lead. Adoption Services is the fancy name for Production Support and it basically consisted in helping customers with their issues in Workday after they were live in production. We fixed processes or integrations that didn’t work correctly; we wrote new processes and integrations as the need arose and we also helped extensively during events like Open Enrollment since there can be many changes and special runs during those periods. The practice was very successful, and my team had, when I left, close to fifty customers globally from London to New Zealand/Australia to Japan to all the time zones in the United States.

What I’ve learned along the way is that nothing in Workday is isolated. Nothing is "just one ticket." There are always the visible issues that must be resolved, but hiding underneath are the root causes which must be addressed. Inevitably there is something involving a BP, or security (or both) that needs to be addressed as well. A ticket is never just “a ticket.” A well submitted Workday support ticket asks two entirely different sets of questions to get at both the surface and the underbelly, and in this way, it is really two tickets. What makes me tick is solving problems. I cannot explain the incredible feeling I get when I am able to solve a problem and get things working again, it is an immeasurable satisfaction that guarantees nothing can ruin that day! That is why I am working in the Workday ecosystem as part of the teamUpHR Workday Support Team. I love to help customers take advantage of Workday as they deal with it day in and day out so that they can have their own immeasurable satisfaction from a system that is the best in breed as I’ve seen in my over 37 years in the Information System Industry.

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