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Our Holiday Gift for Workday Customers: The teamUpHR Workday® Trivia Game

Just in time for the Holidays, we are happy to introduce the first levels of the teamUpHR Workday® Trivia Game. It starts off as a simple quiz. "Oh, this is easy," you might say to yourself. The questions get progressively harder. A quick scan of our blogs combined with educated guesses will get you through the initial levels. Perhaps this sounds similar to your favorite cloud HR system? The parallels don't stop there. We continue down the same path of "having fun figuring things out" and "let's do this together". It's an approach to your workday that you may by now have grown to love, as weekly or even daily challenges arise from that same favorite cloud HR system. That's right, the power of one has become an approach for a fun game to play and to help create. It is available now for you the Workday customer. One game, one community, one seemingly infinite amount of information to learn. It starts today, with the basics. Have a laugh or two along the way. Then, we step it up a bit. Together as a community we help each other out. How? By challenging each other. You will be challenged. You challenge others. That's right, you get to not only play this game, you get to create this game. Do you know the year Workday was founded? Do you know what Dave likes to eat for lunch? (We don't know this one, but you can submit it.) On the content side, do you know the limitations on custom objects? It's amazing how little we each know about Workday, yet how much we collectively know.

There aren't reputation points handed out. Just the satisfaction that you stumped some of your friends, and some others in the community you haven't met yet, or may never meet. The community is growing so fast. Who can keep up. This game helps bring together the puzzle solvers and puzzle creators. You don't have to be a gamer. You don't have to love puzzles. Just be the seeker of truth that you already are. We understand you are busy with go-live, troubleshooting, understanding the latest features, or trying to keep up with interesting community posts. This Workday game might not be for you, or maybe not during your busy December. That's ok. Give it a try when you are ready for a challenge. It's just one of the things we are doing differently here at teamUpHR. Happy Holidays from the team here at teamUpHR. We'll see you on the inside. The Game is On:

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