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Workday® Recruiting - Year End Planning!

Yes. You read that right. Year end planning for recruiting. You might not think about it that way, because for many of us, the weather is getting a bit colder and Holiday season is nearing its full swing. In HR, this means the trials and tribulations of Year End processing. Our benefits partners are working though Open Enrollment issues, our Payroll team preparing for W2 season and all the new benefit deduction codes in the new year, and Recruiting is…Well, we’re still trying to find talent! But, is there something we should be doing to help ourselves in 2020 and beyond?

Personally, I believe there’s a few things as a group we can look at to help leverage ourselves for a successful Year End and New Year. I like to look at things as a retrospective, a process I “borrowed” from Agile, which is a look back at a period with a focus on a few key questions. First, let's lay out the questions and format of a retrospective and then perhaps list a few topics and some food for thought for your Recruiting Retrospective.

Completing a retrospective only requires you to answer 3 key questions:

1.What worked well?

2.What didn’t work well?

3.What are we going to try to do differently next time?

It’s a good idea to gather a group of key members of your Recruiting team together to help brainstorm this list. It’s also a great benefit to set some ground rules:

The Retrospective is not a blaming contest. We’re not here to try and blame each other for misdeeds. We want to improve the overall process. Focus on improvement.

The Retrospective is not a “all talk/no action” meeting. We’re going to focus on key action items (see #3 above). This may dovetail into our goals for next year. It may be a quick win or two.

The Retrospective is a group effort. If everyone is talking, you're doing it right.

Personally I love answering #3 with 3 items.

  • What I should Stop doing?

  • What I should Start doing?

  • Finally, what I should Continue doing?

Key items of Interest in a Workday® Recruiting Platform

Here’s a few things to help get you started as potential topics for your Recruiting Retrospective:

Job Distribution/Source Attribution

  • Is my source tracking list up to date in Workday®? Bring a copy of your Maintain Recruiting Sources screen and Applicant source Reference ID list (you can find this under Maintain Reference IDs->Applicant Source.) Make sure your list is up to date in your external careers site under Recruiting Sources for Auto-Tracking. And most importantly, if you're using auto source tracking in Workday®, your outbound feeds reflect the Reference ID of the source. More info can be found regarding auto-tracking of sources on community here. Now is also a great time to discuss your source effectiveness (run the Workday® delivered report Source Effectiveness), and if you need to, add or remove items from your source list.

  • Are we effectively distributing jobs? Does anything need to change? Do feeds need to be updated? How are we getting jobs to distributors (scraping vs feeds), and does anything need to change? Are you refreshing any Evergreen Requisitions on a regular basis? Remember, job distributors set your position in search partly based on the age of the requisition.

Employer Brand/Job alerts/EVP

You may use Workday to deliver some of this content and you may not. Here’s a few thoughts to consider:

  • Workday now allows for internal and external Job Alerts. Are you utilizing this tool? Should you be?

  • Is your EVP and Employer Brand up to date? Have you utilized the branding tools available to you in Workday®? Do you need to update content on your career site and Workday® job search platforms? Are there new brand personas you want to leverage (due to acquisition, business win, or business lines change)? Are there new tools to help you do things better? Does your brand and EVP flow through Workday® and Candidate Home?

Recruiter Ease of Use/Knowledge

  • Are your recruiters getting everything the need from Recruiter Hub? Is there new functionality we can leverage?

  • Are we effectively training new recruiters? Remember, many of the key data items in Workday are generated during recruiting and hiring. How does your downstream data look? Are your job aids and/or process manuals up to date? How are you communicating changes to Recruiters?

  • How are you managing duplicates?


What are your goals for next year? Are there any implementations you wish to consider in this space such as:

Hopefully, this give you a start for designing your own Year End Recruiting Retrospective. Contact us at if you have questions or you would like to add to our blog!


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