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The Bots Are Taking Over – Workday® Assistant At Your Service.

Workday® Assistant is a chat bot. Today many consumer websites have chat bots, which show up in the lower right hand side of the screen and say "How may I help you?”, or something similar. Chat bots have to learn or be taught how to answer questions. This is done through two methods, through a set of rules (decision tree) that are manually created and / or through machine learning by analyzing how humans have answered similar questions (through a chat box for example) in the past. Most do a combination of both. A chat bot also tries to figure out the ‘intent’ of the question instead of a traditional keyword search.

While Workday® Assistant is going GA (General Availability), it is still being taught and learning a lot. It was initially demonstrated at the 2018 Workday® Rising. At that point, it could only do two tasks, ‘Give Feedback’ and ‘Request Time Off’. It worked with both requests keyed in and voice commands to the Workday® Mobile App.

While that was cool, Workday® received a lot of feedback that end users often couldn’t remember the actual task name to do something in Workday®, so Workday® educated the bot to be able to respond to questions with links to common Workday® Tasks about Workday® in areas such as Payroll, Benefits, etc. They are also monitoring all the questions that Workday® Assistant receives (minus any personal information) to determine what else needs it needs to be ‘taught’.

Once you have it turned on, you can start by asking it, "What can I do?", or “help”, and it will give you a list of the types of things that it can currently help you with.

Workday® Assistant is an opt-in feature and can be turned on for a select group of users for you to test out before you enable it more broadly for your user base. It will only be available in English in 2020R1. During the setup, you can choose what modules it answers questions about, based on which modules are being used in your tenant.The use of Workday® Assistant also requires that your company subscribes to the Innovation Services. You can contact your Workday® Customer Success Manager for an (zero charge) order form.

You can just search for “Assistant” in Workday® Community or check out the short videos at the link below. Have Fun!

Workday® Assistant Overview video

Workday® Assistant Roadmap


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