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Workday® 2020R2: Recruiting

Summer is winding down, and now it must season? Well, unless you count the kitchen table, not where I live. Hopefully for some of you though. But it is 2020R2 season, and however you pronounce it, it's here. Despite hitting the pause button on office work and in-person events (crying emoji for Rising 2020, but looking forward to the end of Sept Share-a-thon and Workday Olympics), Workday has brought us a bounty of new features to be excited about as recruiting professionals. Instead of my normal top 3-5 list, I've decided to talk themes that I'm seeing in the space and how Workday has decided to approach them with 2020R2. First off, let's talk Ease of Use. Workday has made this a key focus for a while, helping us make our recruiters' lives easier. So what's on tap for 2020R2? First off, everyone's favorite, duplicate management. Workday has combined all of the changes they've made to duplicate management into a framework across the ecosystem. You can now set up matching rules and merge pretty much any record to another. I fully anticipate this feature to be one of the most popular in a while for our recruiters. Next, we have interview scheduling recommendations- Workday will now use Machine Learning and the Outlook/Google calendar integration to suggest interview times based on the interview teams availability and room availability. Moving on to another theme that I have seen coming up over and over in my conversations - it's Candidate Experience. Despite COVID, candidate experience has been a critical topic in the recruiting world as of late. In 2020R2, there's a few items regarding candidates - Resume Parsing for "Introduce Yourself", essentially a way to pull in talent communities, the ability to collect External Candidate References, some improvements to custom branding, and finally some changes to make Candidate Home more user friendly. Wins all around for Candidate experience! I've saved the most important theme for last, which is Diversity and Inclusion. I have seen a tremendous amount of questions from my leaders about how Workday is going to focus on D&I initiatives in the future, and I'm happy to report 2020R2 has a new D&I feature, Masked Candidate Screening. Masked Candidate Screening allows you to remove personally identifiable information from the candidate grid like name, education, work history, or picture, and is configurable by stage and condition rules. This will be a quick uptake feature for me! Well there you have it, my themes related list of 2020R2 features in Recruiting. I look forward to sharing a new list for 2021R1!

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