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Problems Worth Solving

Almost anything can be solved in Workday®, it is just a matter of how you look at it. 

What you want to avoid is somebody saying “This is how it is done!”  That takes away your choices.  

When it comes to solving problems with unique mobile solutions, teamUpHR provides "creative options."



"We had a mobile app use-case that Workday and our Partner said couldn't be done.  I reached out to the ecosystem and within the week we were brainstorming solutions with teamUpHR."

-Ben Dunford

Automatic Time Blocks - Geo-fencing Mobile App
Imagine never logging into Workday to enter work hours.
Imagine never logging into Workday to enter work location.
Imagine never logging in to pick a “Time Type” or “Reason Code”
  • All of this is possible with the use of simple automation

How easy is it to go to lunch?


Super easy. You just go and the app takes care of both your departure and return times automatically in Workday.

And there is no "location tracking."  The app only knows when you cross a fence, not your moment-by-moment location.  No privacy issues.

Mobile Time-Tracking Automation 
teamUpHR has built a Workday-integrated time-tracking mobile application.
  • Sales teams that spend all day in Salesforce® resist entering their time in Workday
  • Field staff get paid by location and have difficulty recording the correct workplace
  • Team members that should be paid overtime due to real work, instead manually clock their 8-5 time to avoid the wrath of their manager.
  • Field-service members have difficulty recording arrival/departure times at client sites that change daily (think solar installations or home-care services or furniture delivery)
  • Extended functionality can include: Schedule view, time-off request, ...and more.
  • Captures location/time for multiple office/work locations (1000’s if needed)
There are many other use cases for mobile time tracking. Give us a call and we can work with you on your specific needs.

Field/Remote Worker Automation

Imagine your new-hire not needing a scanner to send you their DL or Passport picture.
Imagine your new-hire being able to give you ALL their required information in one simple form. 
Imagine your new-hire being able to schedule orientation training from anywhere.
  • All of this is possible with the use of simple automation.

New-hires can complete their entire on-boarding process remotely without a scanner.


The app can show embedded video, or video links to an LMS as well as authenticate usage.

Mobile On-boarding Automation

Mobile on-boarding is the perfect solution for companies who hire employees that do not come to a specific office or have a specific desk. The team members out in the field need a fast, easy-to-use, elegant solution to keep track of their on-boarding process.  The application allows:
  • Direct upload of important documents via phone camera
  • Rapidly enter all personal information in a single, secure screen
  • Ability to confirm/authenticate receipt of materials
  • Ability to authenticate email, phone, address, SS#, I-9 docs, etc.
  • Schedule tasks and/or training right in the app
  • Automate these flows based on region or division (or both)
  • Managers follow all of this on an intuitive dashboard and/or their own phone.
  • Can be extended to become a scheduling app with locations/times by day.
Plus many more features.  Contact us to learn more about how mobile on-boarding can streamline your operations and greatly improve employee satisfaction.
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