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Our Partners

We team up with our clients, and we team up with our software partners. While there are hundreds of companies who have Workday® relationships and integrations we work with, this page is dedicated to our software partners. These are companies with whom we have developed close bonds.

We extend and support standard or customized integrations with these partners, because getting the most out of your Workday includes getting the most out of all systems that integrate with Workday.

This is one way we are Making Workday work for You.

Dovetail small.jpg

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite is a Integrated HR Service Delivery solution that manages, tracks, and reports on employee interactions with HR utilizing its Employee Portal, HR Help Desk and HR Knowledge Base modules.  See 50% reduction in HR Tickets and 80% reduction in emails.

jitterbit logo png.png

Jitterbit connects SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications while instantly infusing intelligence into any business process.   Make your business the hub of your data.  Easily bring API management into the AI era.

OneLogin logo png.png

OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for users to access the apps and data they need, anytime, everywhere.

Millions of users and thousands of customers across the globe use the OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform to access their applications.

humantelligence as a Scientifically proven 12-minute self-assessment and analytics platform that measures culture at every level, uncovering talent insights that can be leveraged for improving performance, engagement, and hiring.

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