Worker Search and Prompts

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Worker Search and Prompts

Workday will continue to enhance how you search for workers in global search, reports, and tasks. We'll also introduce new options that help you better protect worker data while also providing a more intuitive search experience.

Available to all customers passively. Day to day operation is unchanged if you do nothing. Customers who have a business need to limit employee searches based on legal or preferred name will truly leverage the benefit of this change.

The new domain, Search: Current Legal Name and All Historical Names, comes delivered with View permissions assigned to all users. This is provided automatically. A small additional effort is required for companies that wish to limit the ability of some users to search for workers by legal and historical names. To do this, make the following changes

  1. Remove 'All Users' from Search: Current Legal Name and All Historical Names.

  2. Add the specific groups who will be allowed to search by legal and historical names.

  3. Test the changes

  4. Communicate UI changes to impacted groups and modify user guides.


Effort is only required if there is a need to control searches by legal or historical names.


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