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Third Party Payroll Errors Collaboration

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Functional Area
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Third-Party Payroll Errors Collaboration

Community Resources

We will provide a more collaborative experience for third-party payroll errors, making it easier for you to assign errors for resolution and track error status. We'll also update audit reporting to give you an immediate, up-to-date view on the progress of error corrections. This streamlined process will reduce time required to resolve errors and will give you information for evaluating and handling any recurring errors.

Target Audience
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Payroll Administrators

Uptake Complexity
Impacted Modules
Payroll, Integrations
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Level of Effort

•New task to configure … Maintain Errors from 3rd Party Payroll

•New report to review … 3rd Party Errors Report

•Define custom comparison rules by country for Global Payroll Reconciliation

Payroll Webservice to import errors from 3rd Party Payroll vendors is being used (2020R1)/implemented


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