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Talent Marketplace

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Functional Area
Title of Change

Talent Marketplace

Community Resources

Workers will be able access the new Opportunity Marketplace and Gigs applications to discover internal job postings and short-term work opportunities. This will help encourage and promote short-term work opportunities and relevant training, making it easier for you and your workers to optimize talent resources.

Target Audience
Opt In or Automatic?
Opt In. Setup Required

Talent Acquisition

Uptake Complexity
Impacted Modules

Enable Skills Cloud and opt in to the HCM Machine Learning GA Features Innovation Service.

Description of Uptake Project
Level of Effort

Ensure that you enabled Skills Cloud, and then opt in to the HCM Machine Learning GA Features service. Configure access to the new domains and the new business processes. Then set up the Opportunity Marketplace. Enable the Talent Marketplace functional area. Create Assignable Role, Security Groups, Domain Assignments, Business Processes, Categories, Reporting, Tenant Setup, Dashboards.

Recommend intersection security groups for the new domains.


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