Payroll Costing Allocations Worktag

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Payroll Costing Allocations Worktags

Support of allowed and required related work tags for costing allocations. Ability to disallow inactive values.

Workday Payroll Customers

  • Enable Related Worktags for Payroll Costing Allocation in Edit Tenant Setup - Payroll

  • Access the Maintain Worktag Usage report to configure allowed payroll costing allocation types along with allowed and required functionality as applicable.

  • Defined allowed/disallowed worktags for specific worktag instances.

Disallow Inactive doesn't support the following costing allocation functions:

  • Employer Paid Expense

  • Earning and Deduction

  • Fringe Benefit Recovery

  • Fringe Recovery Costing

  • Create Payroll Accounting Adjustments

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