Simplified Job Requisition Experience

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Simplified Job Requisition Experience

This feature simplifies the initiating step of the Create Job Requisition business process, has all the relevant fields on one page, and uses more natural language to help infrequent users to easily create a job requisition.

Workers in your organization who create job requisitions on an infrequent basis, particularly managers, if you use Manager Self Service for Job Requisitions.

1.Determine which roles will have access to the new ‘Start Job Requisition’ task and add them as initiating roles in the Job Requisition Business Process Security Policy. If the role should no longer have access to the previous Create Job Requisition task, remove them from the Initiating action in the Security Policy.

2.Review the security policies to ensure the required data is visible for the replace a worker option.

3.Review the Job Requisition BP steps, taking particular note if you use a consolidated template with Requisition Compensation or Assign Roles steps as the consolidation will not be respected.

4.(Optional tasks) Update the name of the task if there is a more suitable term for your organization. Configure whether to Hide or Require fields to your requirements. Add to Worklets and Dashboards as required.


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