Employee Flexible Payment and Deduction Options

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Employee Flexible Payment and Deduction Options

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Support of allowed and required related work tags for costing allocations. Ability to disallow inactive values.

Community Resources
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Workday Payroll Customers (US, UK, FRA, CA)

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Workday Payroll Customers (US, UK, FRA, CA)
Description of Uptake Project
Level of Effort
  • Configure Flexible Payments and Deductions domain security.

  • Create new default business processes with appropriate approval flows, notifications, etc.

  • Create earnings and deductions as needed.

  • Access the "Maintain Flexible Payment and Deduction Options" task to create payment and deduction types and associate parameters.

  • Update the pay dashboard with the "My Payments and Deductions" task.

•Retro, Gross-ups, Manual Payments, Reversals and Net Pay Validations are not supported

•When a worker changes positions or orgs, unpaid balances move with them

•Leave of Absence cases prorate the deduction amount across sub-periods

•The existing “Request Loan and Payroll Advance” business processes will eventually be retired – recommend moving to the new business process


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