Duplicate Management Framework

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Functional Area
Title of Change

Duplicate Management Framework

Community Resources

The Duplicate Management Framework enables you to easily find, merge, and undergo duplicate person records across Workday

Target Audience
Uptake Complexity
Impacted Modules
HCM, Recruiting
Opt In or Automatic?
Opt In. Setup Required

All HCM customers (not available if using Student)

Description of Uptake Project
Level of Effort
  • Configure Duplicate Management domain security

  • Access the Opt-in to Duplicate Management *Note: Once you opt-in, you cannot opt out.

  • Access the Manage Match Rules task to configure matching rules (must select at least one: DOB, email, Nat'l ID, phone, or previous worker ID). Determine if duplicates should be automatically merged and if certain person types should be excluded.

  • Scheduled the Find Duplicates Job.

  • Duplicate records can be located on the candidate profile or by running the Manage Duplicate Records Report.

•Not available with Student

•“Merge with Other” feature is not currently available in the new feature, although is planned for a future release.


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