Coordinate Compensation Review Events

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Coordinate Compensation Review Events

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Workday will simplify how you coordinate parallel events during a compensation review. You'll be able to configure participation rule sets with more straightforward options for employees, pools, and awards.

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All customers using participation rules with merit process.

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HCM, Adv Comp
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Workday is shifting from Create Compensation Review Participation Rule to Maintain Compensation Review Participation Rule Sets. This will allow for better organization and precision of coordinated events.

•Begin with defining a Participation Rule Set using Maintain Compensation Review Participation Rule Set.

•Available options to create participation rules are the same as before, but the interface is much improved with the inclusion of check boxes instead of menus.

•There is now a copy function to add similar rules more quickly

•Upon process initiation, add the relevant rule sets instead of individual participation rules.

•Workday will provide a task to convert existing rules into rule sets.



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